No Doormats, No Wets: Olivia Colman in The Night Manager

Olivia Colman’s default mode, as seen on any of the countless awards acceptance speeches she’s given in the last few years, is jokey self-effacement. She smiles uncomfortably, looks embarrassed at all the fuss, deflects the praise on to anyone else she can think of, and makes a crack at her own expense. You don’t, however, […]

Screengrab – The Getaway Car, The Comic Strip Presents… Red Top, The Story of China

  I assume that Jeremy Clarkson had a clause in his contract saying, ‘No inane, embarrassing, ratings-grabbing spin-offs from Top Gear – or not while I’m on the show.’ That can be the only explanation for why crud like The Getaway Car has not dripped from beneath the wheel arch until now. The Getaway Car […]

Screengrab – Derren Brown: Pushed to the Edge, Tracey Ullman’s Show, Crashing

Wednesday must have been a really good day for three of the four stooges who took part in Derren Brown: Pushed to the Edge on Tuesday evening. “Wow, I saw you on TV last night. You pushed someone off a building.” “Yes, but it was an experiment designed to illustrate the power of social compliance.” […]

TV Review – Fungus the Bogeyman, Harry Price: Ghost Hunter

From The Gruffalo to The Snowman and the Snowdog to this year’s Stickman, adaptations of classic young children’s books are big business. The problem is that in most cases the books themselves are very short. To make expensive animation worthwhile, and to fill a timeslot, they require enlarging, yet that can often dilute the magic […]

Inside the Tardis: behind the scenes of the Doctor Who Christmas special

Snow under foot! Christmas lights! Tinsel! If there’s one thing the set of the Christmas Doctor Who promises to deliver it’s festive cheer by the sleigh‑load. I am at Roath Lock studios, in Cardiff, and, despite it being a mild day in September, I am walking down a Victorian street decked with boughs of holly […]